Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Song Lyrics/Story

Frank had just started getting ready for a night out with three of his friends. School was over for the year, summer vacation was about to begin and they were looking forward to a good, good night. As Frank decided on the clothes he would wear, his friend, Waldo, sent him a text asking if he had any ideas about how to spend the night. Unfortunately, neither of them had any ideas, so Frank sent texts to their buddies Michael and Jeff asking for suggestions. While he waited to hear from them, Frank finished getting ready and went downstairs to wait for Waldo to pick him up.

While he waited, Frank received texts from both Michael and Jeff, but they had no suggestions on what they could do. Frank thought, “This is supposed to be a good, good night and we have nowhere to go and nothing to do!” Waldo was right on time and the two friends started on their way to pick up Michael and Jeff. On the way, Michael sent a text back to Frank saying that neither he or Jeff had any ideas. As they pulled up to Michael’s house, his sister, Cindy, ran out to the car and told them that she was going to a cabin for the weekend with some of her friends. This made Frank and Waldo feel even worse because Cindy would be having fun boating and wake boarding and the two of them really had no plans at all. As Cindy ran back inside the house the two guys looked at each other and shook their heads. They were disappointed. This was supposed to be a good, good night….

Michael and Jeff come out and climb in the car. Waldo steps on the gas and the four friends are off to nowhere! After driving around for an hour, Jeff spotted some people he met at the mall a month ago. He told Waldo that he should stop to see if they knew of anything going on tonight. They were heading to a party at the moment. They asked Waldo if he and his friends wanted to come with to Nick’s party. All four friends looked at each other shaking their heads, yes! They were all excited for a summer party to finish off the school year.

Nick’s house wasn’t too far away. They drove about a mile and then tried to find a place to park, which wasn’t easy because there were a lot of cars already there. As they were walking to the backyard they heard music blaring. As they reach the backyard they see that the music is coming from a live band. They found out that Nick’s dad knew the manager of the band and he arranged for the band to play at Nick’s end of the year party. The four friends couldn’t believe they hadn’t heard about live band and the party.

There were so many of their friends there already and the music was sweet. The band played their top songs and they blew the party away. Rocking to their music, everyone was dancing and feeling careless on the floor. The band was so rad, the next thing the guys knew, it was midnight and time for the music to stop. We were all so bummed that it was over. The night was so great that it was hard to believe it ever happened. As the four friends drive away from Nick’s street, they talked about what a good, good night it turned out to be.

Monday, May 17, 2010

go animate story

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

I am going to use I would write and animate a short story. Wanna have some people thats are best friends. I am really not sure what I wanna wright about so im just going to put ideas for this blog. i could write about snowboarder friends. That get stuck in an avalanch. I also could have me being a teacher and teaching stubern student. I could make a funny story about a guy taking his girlfriend out to eat... maybe I should think about it

Friday, May 7, 2010

cabrilating thoughts

I thought this assignment was sorta hard because every one wrote at the same time so noone really now how the story started. After edditing all the mateareal it sorta sounded like a real story. I had no clue how it would work because no one new how the part was befor there writing it was pretty much making a story with out a beginning so it was tricky to understand. It made the story have different writing

Monday, April 26, 2010

colabortive wrighting

Ross the Boss has been a good friend to me since 8 grade. Ross was on the same hockey team with me. We both played the position of defence. After the hockey season Ross and I didn't see each other in tell high school, he ended up being in some of my classes. The best class I have had with him would be dance. At first he was always missing on the days we test on. Now that he has been in dance for 2 years. Ross has not been missing the days when we have our dance test.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Future of communication

When I first started the video I thought it was gonna be a bunch of crap but once I got about 30 sec in to the video every thing just started to make senses. All the things in the video might not happen but I think most of the things on the film will happen Just because are world is changing to digital because people are more involved in digital.